My bespoke PR campaigns will ensure that your music gets heard by the key people who need to hear it in order to secure radio plays and media coverage.

For the last four years, I’ve been working closely with music journalists and DJs and have built up an extensive professional network in the grime scene including over 150 respected, grime-friendly DJs. As a journalist myself, I know what makes a good pitch, and use this knowledge to maximise impact and ensure that as many key contacts as possible listen to your release.

Felix Dubs



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you take on everyone who approaches you?
  • No – I only work with music that I love and believe in, so I’ll always need to hear it before agreeing to a campaign. Any forthcoming music you send me will be treated in the strictest confidence and I won’t charge you for a quote. If I don’t believe the release is a good fit for me, I’ll let you know straight away.

  • How early should I contact you about a campaign?
  • Please send me a copy of your forthcoming release at least eight weeks before the scheduled release date.

  • I don’t have any good press shots for you to use. Could you take some for me?
  • Yes. As long as you give me plenty of advance notice and state this in your initial enquiry, I can factor the cost of this into your quote and we can book a date for a photoshoot.

  • How will I know the results of our campaign?
  • If you’d like, I can send regular updates anytime I’ve got some good news for you. I also produce a report at the end of each campaign detailing the feedback received and all the airplay and media coverage I know about.

  • I’m a DJ/journalist – how can I get on your mailing list?
  • I’m afraid my mailing list is currently invite-only, with each recipient hand-picked and personally contacted by me each time I have a new release to share. I’m often adding to it, though, whenever I encounter a new DJ or journalist whose work I rate highly. The best way to get on my radar is to follow me on Twitter.

  • Are you offering PR services to artists in genres other than grime?
  • Not yet – watch this space! However, I do offer standalone artist bios and press releases to artists of any genre, which you’d be free to use in your own release campaigns and on your social media profiles without crediting me.

  • If I commission a standalone artist bio or press release from you, what should I do with it?
  • I’d recommend using my artist bio on your website, Facebook page and Spotify page without crediting me.

    If you’ve bought one of my standalone press releases, you should incorporate it into your own email pitches to DJs and journalists. This will prime journalists with all the key information that they need to write an article on your release, and will help DJs and radio presenters to learn more about you. This will be especially useful if they introduce your song on air, or if they want to work with you in the future.

  • What other services should I be investing in in order for my release to make the biggest impact?
  • I expect all of my unsigned clients to be using a distribution service, which will put their music on retailers and streaming services.

    My campaigns don’t include digital marketing, so it’s worth asking a videographer or animator to produce some engaging clips and paying for those to be advertised on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. If you’ve filmed a full music video to use as part of our campaign, even better!

    Make sure you’ve signed up to PRS and PPL, which you’ll need in order to receive royalty payments.

  • Why don’t you publicly advertise your rates?
  • There are so many different variables involved in a PR campaign – like the number of tracks on a release, the number of singles and music videos released, and whether or not you’d like to book a photoshoot – that I’ll need to know what you’ve got in mind before I can quote a price. Please email me at [email protected] with more details and I’ll get back to you within 3-5 working days.

  • Can I pay you in instalments?
  • For full-fledged PR campaigns, absolutely. If it’s easiest for you, I can take half the money upfront, and ask that you pay the remaining balance within two months.