Confident – ‘Hibernate’ EP

Hailing from Tampere, Finland, Confident’s induction into the predominantly UK-centred grime scene is testament to the power of the internet – yet, paradoxically, the 25-year-old is nowhere to be found on social networks, having risen to prominence simply by letting his SoundCloud uploads speak for themselves.

After featuring on Plasma Abuse’s first two Overdosed compilations, he now returns to the Glasgow imprint to release debut EP Hibernate – a journey through sparkling, ethereal soundscapes traversing grime and wave music. The elusive producer describes his sound as “bittersweet”, citing the “melancholy” works of Burial and MssingNo and the “energetic” prowess of Murlo and Dark0 among a myriad of eclectic influences on his work.

On title track “Hibernate”, delay-soaked, trance-like stabs collide with a resonant bassline to make for an immersive listening experience. Next up, the innovative “Black Rizla” combines fluttering leads with breakbeats reminiscent of old school jungle and punchy 808s straight out of the grime playbook. Rounding off the EP is “Chameleons”, which finds deft percussion set against tense arpeggios – each track showcasing yet another string to Confident’s bow.

The Hibernate EP is out now via digital stores and streaming services.