Doni Rampage x Kalorific – ‘Hellarific’ EP

First making his mark as a founding member of Killa P’s So What Crew in 2004, Stockwell grime veteran Doni Rampage spent his formative years relentlessly MCing on pirate radio as well as producing for heavyweights like Dot Rotten and Roadside Gs. After a lengthy hiatus, he returned in 2017 with the Hella High EP and a well-received slew of singles.

Now at the helm of his own collective – the geographically dispersed HellaHigh Music Group – Rampage is back with his biggest project to date. The eight-track strong Hellarific EP, produced in its entirety by Newquay newcomer Kalorific, sees the seasoned lyricist grace an amalgamation of cinematic brass, ornate, flurrying strings, and nostalgic eskibeat clicks.

The Hellarific EP is out now via digital stores and streaming services. Hear it in full below.