Felix Dubs & nova – ‘Pablo Swampscobar’ EP

Having religiously dropped new music every Bandcamp Friday, Birmingham’s Felix Dubs is not one to break tradition. Next up on his Red Lagoon imprint is the Pablo Swampscobar EP, a hefty three-tracker calling on the talents of Bradford youngster nova, whose recent releases on Foamplate’s Plantpower Records, J.Robinson’s Tribe12 and Mungo’s Hi Fi’s Scotch Bonnet have taken the dubstep world by storm.

While Felix is best known for his grime productions, he’s also released on coveted dubstep labels including Kromestar’s Nebula Music Group, Squarewave’s New World Audio and Mr Mitch’s Beatfighter imprint, carving a name for himself as the architect of some of the genre’s most guttural offerings.

“Pablo Swampscobar” and the nova collaboration “Starbomb” further develop this sound, striking a masterful balance between ambient atmospherics and sheer bassweight. Also included on the EP is nova’s pummelling remix of the project’s title track, bringing its slinking basslines down an octave to make for a deeper but equally punchy interpretation of the monstrous instrumental.